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Birthday Cards with a Difference

We are adding to our birthday cards every month and are writing our own poetry too.  We have added one of our poems below and to see a full selection of our birthday cards please click on this picture.

Hi there Dad,

We just wanted to say,

That we’re thinking of you,

On this special day,

Do you still have birthdays?

Where you are?

Or are you ageless,

Like a floating star?

Do you enjoy a whiskey,

Now and then?

Watch the sport on TV?

Do you have your own den?

Do they keep you busy?  

Do you have much to do?

Lots of questions,

We’re asking you.

We’re doing OK,

Your family down here,

But we miss your laughter,

And your friendly ear,

So we hope where you are,

You’re having a good time,

We’re sure with your old friends,

You’ll be doing just fine.


Memories are the times in your past

that you choose to remember.

Let's make this Birthday one

that you will never forget....


Hope you have a great 18th,

Do something enjoyable so when you

look back you will always

remember the day and smile,